Love is in the Air

It is fall season which means a lot of marriages tend to happen around this time since its cooler weather. Most celebrities get married around this time too especially Nick Jonas and Pircankya from Quantico. Nick Jones is a famous singer which found his start on Disney Channel which he was in a band called Jonas brothers with his two other brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas but recently he has gone sole and now is married to a beautiful women which is the lead star of the hit tv show Quantico.

This was a very interesting wedding because she is Indian so it had to be an Indian wedding. There was a lot of hate on this because Nick Jonas is not Indian he is American so they did not think he was fit to be in this wedding or be with her because of the differences in races.

This was interesting to read online because this in 2018 and a lot of people are dating other races so when reading these comments showed that as a society we have not changed how we view relationships.


Makeup was Changed

In my last post i talked about how James Charles released his new palette called “Unleash your inner artist” was very successful  on the first day it was released and now it is sold out and will be coming back on December 6.

Even though, the palette did so well in sales it did not do well on social media. There were many different tweets and Instagram post of the palette not being what James Charles said it was. They stated that most of the eye shadows did not appear on the skin or that the colors stayed on their skins. But if these people would actually look up what pigmented shades do and how to actually apply them they would read that most eye shadows that have vibrant colors would stain their skin because it is not usually eye friendly and is supposed to be applied with something else underneath.

Also, in the video that James Charles released for the full in depth of his palette said that ” there is no good red eye shadows in any palette out there.” Many people took to Twitter about this because another makeup artist Jeffery Star released a palette that has a red shimmer eye shadow on it and most people that the he was throwing shade at Jefferey’s Star new palette but he was not.

There was a new video that was released that addressed this same topic in which it was a collaboration with Jefferey Star and James Charles on James’s YouTube channel which addressed the hate. In which Jeffery Star even stated that the color is a shimmer red not a true red so he agreed which James statement that the palette James has clearly has a true red.

Breaking Boundaries

In very industry there are boundaries and most people try to follow by the rules as close as possible to avoid any out break of negative comments from their audience or followers. One of these industries is Makeup.

In the makeup community there are many people involved and there are many rules as to how to apply, where to buy it and the best at what they are doing. One of the most popular makeup artist James Charles has changed the industry as we know it. He became very popular on YouTube and Instagram because all of his insane makeup looks that no one has ever created before.

Recently he just released his new palette called “unleash Your Inner Artist” which displays twenty eight different eye shadow looks which include five pigment eye shadows. He also came out with a lengthy video explaining each eye shadow and how to use it.

The palette was released a week for thanksgiving and it sold out within hours and i was able to get my hands on one but unfortunately it came in broken because Fed Ex through my package in my yard but thats a whole different story.

Wildfire’s Have Gone

There has been recent reports that the wildfires have stopped in California. Which is great news for those who live in California and those traveling there. Since planes have stopped entering California due to those wildfires. It was difficult for airplanes to fly there those wildfire because it spread so far and wide that planes could not even enter California.

There has also been a lot of reports of the way firefighters are savings those in the wildfire.  Since the wildfires were so larger firefighters could only save those who were in really bad conditions. There were people suffering from the wildfires and the firefighters were leaving some people be hide to help other people and then come and help those they left but most of the time it did not work out as they planned.

A lot of people have tweeted about how bad this was but it made a lot of sense to save those who are dying a lot quicker than the others and come back to save them. I really want to know the reports of others who feel the same way as other’s do on this matter.




Recently, there has been an outbreak of wildfires in California which has been disastrous for those living in California and most of them having to leave their homes and escape elsewhere. There are ton of residents inn California having to move out even celebrities too such as Jeffery Star, a famous YouTube makeup artist most popular being considered an alien, in which he had to relocate for a whole month because of the wildfire being so close to his house which was very relate-able to most residents in California.
These wildfires are so dangerous and could cause a lot of damage but this is not the first time that this has happened in California. It is very common for California to have theses wildfires since it barely rains over there like here in Florida.

MY CAR!! 🚗

If you read in my last post I mentioned that I was in a car accident. Yes you read it correctly I was in a car crash. Sk here’s the story I know you are dying to find out.

The other day I was driving and about to turn on a one way street as I turned on it there was a car coming in the opposite direction of the street and hit my car on the passenger side.

It wasnt that bad but I would have to repair both doors and I refuse to open those doors now since the accident since it might hit my bender and make the car worse than what it is now.

Less than a week later my check engine light came on and it feels like I’m just driving a lemon car. I went to go get it checked yesterday at Pep Boys and they thought it was because of a broken screw but it wasnt. So they repaired something that didnt need a repair.

So now I have to go back there on Wednesday so they can do a diagnostic on it to find out what is wrong without and of course all this happens a week before I go to Arizona 😔

Update on Life

For the past few weeks have been super crazy for me. I got into an accident which is why I haven’t appeared in class for awhile and now my engine light has turned on in my car. Everything is not going well for me but I’m trying not to stress too much about it since I am safe and still alive.

Recently my best friend was fired for my job and it’s weird to work and go to my car without him. It feels like something was taken away from me which is weird.

But other than that everything is good especially now since I’ve been hanging out and going fishing more often which is insane but I love it.

Just yesterday we went fishing and I almost died because there were huge spiders there and it was dark and didnt realize I ran into a spider web!!!

It was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced.

For my next blog I will be discussing what I will be doing for my new project 4. The video and paragraph I found was at it was about the recent attacks in Syria. I thought it was a very interesting story to read about it and I cant wait to do this project on the topic. Also this article was recently just posted yesterday so it is very new and very interesting. Honestly i haven’t even heard of the attacks in Syria which is totally weird since I am very good at being updated with the world events.

I also attached the link to the article if you want to continue to reading it. If you haven’t heard of the news about Syria this article will definitely keep you updated. Also there is a few second video that goes along with it.

I hope you all will read it and I will keep you updated when I finish doing my project on it.


For this next blog I will be discussing three different videos I fell apon as I browse on

  1. One of the first videos I noticed as I click the link the first video that appears is “China confirms Kim Jong-Ju  visited Beijing. This video is the first thing you see as you go on the site. The picture that displays on the video is the president of China and it is very interesting to watch.
  2. The second video I came across was about a “Report: Trump wants military funding used on border wall.” This has been the biggest topic that has been talked about for years now since Donald Trump has been in the election to figure out who will be funding for the wall that he continues to promote. However this particular video was interesting because it shows up smalle3r than the other videos.
  3. The last video I came across on the site was about “Mark Zuckerburg has decided to testify against congress, report says.” This was a very interesting video hat I came across. It was underneath the video about Trump which was different.

The site seems pretty legit. I wouldn’t mind continuing to go on the site since it is pretty cool.

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