Wildfire’s Have Gone

There has been recent reports that the wildfires have stopped in California. Which is great news for those who live in California and those traveling there. Since planes have stopped entering California due to those wildfires. It was difficult for airplanes to fly there those wildfire because it spread so far and wide that planes could not even enter California.

There has also been a lot of reports of the way firefighters are savings those in the wildfire.  Since the wildfires were so larger firefighters could only save those who were in really bad conditions. There were people suffering from the wildfires and the firefighters were leaving some people be hide to help other people and then come and help those they left but most of the time it did not work out as they planned.

A lot of people have tweeted about how bad this was but it made a lot of sense to save those who are dying a lot quicker than the others and come back to save them. I really want to know the reports of others who feel the same way as other’s do on this matter.



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