Makeup was Changed

In my last post i talked about how James Charles released his new palette called “Unleash your inner artist” was very successful  on the first day it was released and now it is sold out and will be coming back on December 6.

Even though, the palette did so well in sales it did not do well on social media. There were many different tweets and Instagram post of the palette not being what James Charles said it was. They stated that most of the eye shadows did not appear on the skin or that the colors stayed on their skins. But if these people would actually look up what pigmented shades do and how to actually apply them they would read that most eye shadows that have vibrant colors would stain their skin because it is not usually eye friendly and is supposed to be applied with something else underneath.

Also, in the video that James Charles released for the full in depth of his palette said that ” there is no good red eye shadows in any palette out there.” Many people took to Twitter about this because another makeup artist Jeffery Star released a palette that has a red shimmer eye shadow on it and most people that the he was throwing shade at Jefferey’s Star new palette but he was not.

There was a new video that was released that addressed this same topic in which it was a collaboration with Jefferey Star and James Charles on James’s YouTube channel which addressed the hate. In which Jeffery Star even stated that the color is a shimmer red not a true red so he agreed which James statement that the palette James has clearly has a true red.


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