Love is in the Air

It is fall season which means a lot of marriages tend to happen around this time since its cooler weather. Most celebrities get married around this time too especially Nick Jonas and Pircankya from Quantico. Nick Jones is a famous singer which found his start on Disney Channel which he was in a band called Jonas brothers with his two other brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas but recently he has gone sole and now is married to a beautiful women which is the lead star of the hit tv show Quantico.

This was a very interesting wedding because she is Indian so it had to be an Indian wedding. There was a lot of hate on this because Nick Jonas is not Indian he is American so they did not think he was fit to be in this wedding or be with her because of the differences in races.

This was interesting to read online because this in 2018 and a lot of people are dating other races so when reading these comments showed that as a society we have not changed how we view relationships.


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