MY CAR!! 🚗

If you read in my last post I mentioned that I was in a car accident. Yes you read it correctly I was in a car crash. Sk here’s the story I know you are dying to find out.

The other day I was driving and about to turn on a one way street as I turned on it there was a car coming in the opposite direction of the street and hit my car on the passenger side.

It wasnt that bad but I would have to repair both doors and I refuse to open those doors now since the accident since it might hit my bender and make the car worse than what it is now.

Less than a week later my check engine light came on and it feels like I’m just driving a lemon car. I went to go get it checked yesterday at Pep Boys and they thought it was because of a broken screw but it wasnt. So they repaired something that didnt need a repair.

So now I have to go back there on Wednesday so they can do a diagnostic on it to find out what is wrong without and of course all this happens a week before I go to Arizona 😔


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