For my next blog I will be discussing what I will be doing for my new project 4. The video and paragraph I found was at it was about the recent attacks in Syria. I thought it was a very interesting story to read about it and I cant wait to do this project on the topic. Also this article was recently just posted yesterday so it is very new and very interesting. Honestly i haven’t even heard of the attacks in Syria which is totally weird since I am very good at being updated with the world events.

I also attached the link to the article if you want to continue to reading it. If you haven’t heard of the news about Syria this article will definitely keep you updated. Also there is a few second video that goes along with it.

I hope you all will read it and I will keep you updated when I finish doing my project on it.



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  1. Hi Jacquelina,
    Although I have heard bits and pieces of activities occurring in Syria, I have not taken time to see for myself, to read the news regarding it. This blog post redirected my attention to this topic and I will watch this video to be more aware of global current events. Nonetheless, I cannot wait to see what you do for this project on a topic that should be on people’s radar.


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