For this next blog I will be discussing three different videos I fell apon as I browse on

  1. One of the first videos I noticed as I click the link the first video that appears is “China confirms Kim Jong-Ju  visited Beijing. This video is the first thing you see as you go on the site. The picture that displays on the video is the president of China and it is very interesting to watch.
  2. The second video I came across was about a “Report: Trump wants military funding used on border wall.” This has been the biggest topic that has been talked about for years now since Donald Trump has been in the election to figure out who will be funding for the wall that he continues to promote. However this particular video was interesting because it shows up smalle3r than the other videos.
  3. The last video I came across on the site was about “Mark Zuckerburg has decided to testify against congress, report says.” This was a very interesting video hat I came across. It was underneath the video about Trump which was different.

The site seems pretty legit. I wouldn’t mind continuing to go on the site since it is pretty cool.


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  1. Hey Jacquelina!
    I observed that NEWSY plasters the biggest stories on their main page, for easy access and I think that’s really nice because easy access. The thing about it; however, as you mentioned is how diverse the news could be sitting next to other, i.e. the Zuckerburg story appearing under Trump’s. I agree that the site is legit and I’d revisit it as well.


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