Hyper-local News

Hyperlocal News is information oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed toward the concerns of the population in that community. (according to Wikipedia.)

Hyperlocal news a big thing but one of the major problems with it is: no one has figured out how to make money from it.

One website I discovered for hyperlocal news is Columbia Journalism Review the news article is Uptown Messenger and its about a journalist named Robert Morris who noticed the newspaper industry shrinking. So he decided to start a small independent organization that might give him a closer relationship to his audience so en-turn he moved to a neighboring city called Uptown and he created a website entitled “Uptown Messenger.”

The next hyperlocal site I visited on Columbia Journalism review is called “Gossip Extra.” This article is about a journalist names Jose Lambiet from Palm Beach, Fl and he would write about the latest in celebrity news and society gossip. As the newspaper industry started to die off he created his own page called the “Gossip Extra” and he continued to discuss celebrity gossip, weird crime and society functions.

The last article I found on the Columbia Journalism Review website is called “Florida Voices.” In this article it discussed a journalist named Rosemary Goudreau who worked for the Tampa Tribune but created a website called “Florida Voices,” in which she gathered diverse opinions and commentary on the most important issues affecting the state, a product of her experience both in and outside of media.

I thought it was pretty cool to read about these journalist I never heard of them or what a hyperlocal news articles was. I am glad i discovered what this is and I will continue to read more from the Columbia Journalism Review website.


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  1. Hello Jacquelina,

    I agree that it may be hard to generate income out of hyperlocal news websites. I think there’s a fine line between advertising on websites to make money and basically making people not visit the website anymore because it’s annoying. After writing this blog post, I got interested in certain hyperlocal news websites and I, too, will be visiting them often.


  2. Hey Jacquelina,
    I am glad that you addressed the fact that the hyper local spectrum of journalism is having difficulty generating money. Going off of what you provided about each source, I think hyper local news is too specific. Meaning that because its audience is so limited, it doesn’t reach as well as others. And I feel like, from my personal experience, my community likes getting their information first-hand. I also appreciate you sharing the names of the sources, especially Florida Voices. Although I do not foresee myself looking at it constantly, it has peaked an interest in what other Floridians have to say about topics. Great article!


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