1 Rose 2 Girls

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On the latest bachelor episode, the world freaked out to find out that Arie didn’t full chose a girl to live his life with. He told Lauren B. and Bekah K. that he loved them both but he was torn between both of them and couldn’t chose until the morning of the engagement.

On the morning of his engagement he thought he was following his heart and decided to to send Lauren B. home. I was shocked when he did this I believed that they were an amazing couple. He brought out the best in her he literally broke down her walls. Both of them were guarded but she felt comfortable with him and she was confused as to why she was going home and choosing someone else and so was America feeling the same way.

Next Bekah K. came out of the car and he said to her that he would chose her for the rest of his life but did he really mean this. Chris Harrison which is the host of the Bachelor said that there has never been done in reality T.V or raw video unedited but last night history was made.

Arie B. started to change his mind and believed he was half heart in relationship with Bekah K. and decided to break off the engagement and break up with her and continue his relationship with Lauren.

This raw footage was between Arie B. and Bekah K. and something that you must watch. It is shocking of what he did but it definitely took courage and balls for him to break the engagement on live T.V. which was so crazy and broke the news on Twitter. However, tomorrow we will find out who he actually chose and if he continued his relationship with Lauren and which I really hope he does.


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