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For my next project I thought it would be cool to do a service story on the drinking and driving. Service announcements are broadcasted everywhere especially on PBS and normally they are pretty boring but I hope the one I chose to do will be interesting to do and fun to read. Many people today die from those who under the influence. It is very dangerous to drink while driving.

I thought it would be pretty cool as a young person to talk to others on their thoughts on drinking and safety. There are many rules for drinking and driving but they are not so serious. So I would like to know what rules should be in place to stop drinking and driving completely.

I really hope this service project goes well and I can get someone thoughts on drinking and driving and also to inform others the safety that comes from driving while sober because drinking can cause death.



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  1. I think doing a public service story regarding driving under the influence especially right now as Gasparilla just passed, Mardi Gras is taking place and Saint Patrick’s Day will be coming up on March 17. This is nationally important because it can lead to car accidents, pedestrians being struck and buildings (homes, businesses, etc.) being damaged if hit. Although the government and DMV try to make sure that new drivers understand the importance of DUIs, it’s important to reiterate that drivers should not drink and drive.


  2. Hello Jacquelina,
    I love the topic you chose. I think it’s going to be very interesting to read your story. Not only that it’s very interesting, I also think it’s a really important topic that people should be more aware of. I can’t wait to read your story!


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