Update on Logan Paul

Logan Paul continues to have his face in the media. He waited a week to finally upload again after the video “Suicide: Be Here Tommorrow.” However, did this quick transition back to Youtube teach me him anything or did it just make him more insane?

In the new vlogs that he uploads he starts off them saying “season 2 Logan Paul Vlogs.” Once again he became number one trending on Twitter after he tased two dead rats.

Just like with every pet, they bring you presents such as dead rats in which Logan Paul’s dog, Kong, brought two dead rats to his door and Logan thought it was funny to tase the dead rats as a joke and he didn’t but he didn’t realize that people wouldn’t like that.

Most people when seeing a rat yell “Kill it” but when Logan Paul kills the rats the whole world believes he’s a bad person for it.

The question on everyone’s mind now is did he listen? Some people may have different opinions on Logan however, we can not judge him based on his videos and small mistakes. Everyone makes mistake and should be forgiven. He is a good person that did a bad thing.


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