MY CAR!! 🚗

If you read in my last post I mentioned that I was in a car accident. Yes you read it correctly I was in a car crash. Sk here’s the story I know you are dying to find out.

The other day I was driving and about to turn on a one way street as I turned on it there was a car coming in the opposite direction of the street and hit my car on the passenger side.

It wasnt that bad but I would have to repair both doors and I refuse to open those doors now since the accident since it might hit my bender and make the car worse than what it is now.

Less than a week later my check engine light came on and it feels like I’m just driving a lemon car. I went to go get it checked yesterday at Pep Boys and they thought it was because of a broken screw but it wasnt. So they repaired something that didnt need a repair.

So now I have to go back there on Wednesday so they can do a diagnostic on it to find out what is wrong without and of course all this happens a week before I go to Arizona 😔


Update on Life

For the past few weeks have been super crazy for me. I got into an accident which is why I haven’t appeared in class for awhile and now my engine light has turned on in my car. Everything is not going well for me but I’m trying not to stress too much about it since I am safe and still alive.

Recently my best friend was fired for my job and it’s weird to work and go to my car without him. It feels like something was taken away from me which is weird.

But other than that everything is good especially now since I’ve been hanging out and going fishing more often which is insane but I love it.

Just yesterday we went fishing and I almost died because there were huge spiders there and it was dark and didnt realize I ran into a spider web!!!

It was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced.

For my next blog I will be discussing what I will be doing for my new project 4. The video and paragraph I found was at it was about the recent attacks in Syria. I thought it was a very interesting story to read about it and I cant wait to do this project on the topic. Also this article was recently just posted yesterday so it is very new and very interesting. Honestly i haven’t even heard of the attacks in Syria which is totally weird since I am very good at being updated with the world events.

I also attached the link to the article if you want to continue to reading it. If you haven’t heard of the news about Syria this article will definitely keep you updated. Also there is a few second video that goes along with it.

I hope you all will read it and I will keep you updated when I finish doing my project on it.


For this next blog I will be discussing three different videos I fell apon as I browse on

  1. One of the first videos I noticed as I click the link the first video that appears is “China confirms Kim Jong-Ju  visited Beijing. This video is the first thing you see as you go on the site. The picture that displays on the video is the president of China and it is very interesting to watch.
  2. The second video I came across was about a “Report: Trump wants military funding used on border wall.” This has been the biggest topic that has been talked about for years now since Donald Trump has been in the election to figure out who will be funding for the wall that he continues to promote. However this particular video was interesting because it shows up smalle3r than the other videos.
  3. The last video I came across on the site was about “Mark Zuckerburg has decided to testify against congress, report says.” This was a very interesting video hat I came across. It was underneath the video about Trump which was different.

The site seems pretty legit. I wouldn’t mind continuing to go on the site since it is pretty cool.

1 Rose 2 Girls

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On the latest bachelor episode, the world freaked out to find out that Arie didn’t full chose a girl to live his life with. He told Lauren B. and Bekah K. that he loved them both but he was torn between both of them and couldn’t chose until the morning of the engagement.

On the morning of his engagement he thought he was following his heart and decided to to send Lauren B. home. I was shocked when he did this I believed that they were an amazing couple. He brought out the best in her he literally broke down her walls. Both of them were guarded but she felt comfortable with him and she was confused as to why she was going home and choosing someone else and so was America feeling the same way.

Next Bekah K. came out of the car and he said to her that he would chose her for the rest of his life but did he really mean this. Chris Harrison which is the host of the Bachelor said that there has never been done in reality T.V or raw video unedited but last night history was made.

Arie B. started to change his mind and believed he was half heart in relationship with Bekah K. and decided to break off the engagement and break up with her and continue his relationship with Lauren.

This raw footage was between Arie B. and Bekah K. and something that you must watch. It is shocking of what he did but it definitely took courage and balls for him to break the engagement on live T.V. which was so crazy and broke the news on Twitter. However, tomorrow we will find out who he actually chose and if he continued his relationship with Lauren and which I really hope he does.

Hyper-local News

Hyperlocal News is information oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed toward the concerns of the population in that community. (according to Wikipedia.)

Hyperlocal news a big thing but one of the major problems with it is: no one has figured out how to make money from it.

One website I discovered for hyperlocal news is Columbia Journalism Review the news article is Uptown Messenger and its about a journalist named Robert Morris who noticed the newspaper industry shrinking. So he decided to start a small independent organization that might give him a closer relationship to his audience so en-turn he moved to a neighboring city called Uptown and he created a website entitled “Uptown Messenger.”

The next hyperlocal site I visited on Columbia Journalism review is called “Gossip Extra.” This article is about a journalist names Jose Lambiet from Palm Beach, Fl and he would write about the latest in celebrity news and society gossip. As the newspaper industry started to die off he created his own page called the “Gossip Extra” and he continued to discuss celebrity gossip, weird crime and society functions.

The last article I found on the Columbia Journalism Review website is called “Florida Voices.” In this article it discussed a journalist named Rosemary Goudreau who worked for the Tampa Tribune but created a website called “Florida Voices,” in which she gathered diverse opinions and commentary on the most important issues affecting the state, a product of her experience both in and outside of media.

I thought it was pretty cool to read about these journalist I never heard of them or what a hyperlocal news articles was. I am glad i discovered what this is and I will continue to read more from the Columbia Journalism Review website.

Photo Journalism Project

This blog will be dedicated to the photo journalism project i have chose to do. These photos i chose changed lives. Each photo has history to them that make them relevant to our day. These photos are found in the BBC news photos gallery. I believe these photos will be really cool to discuss and to do further research on them.

In the story not only did it show history but changed it. There are 24 photos that are ancient and were created by Lewis Hine that were never found until now. He was the most important person for documentary photograph since at that time photo journalism didn’t exist. Hine called his project “photo stories” in which he would use images and words to express things he was fighting for causes he believed in.

The photographs also displayed the poor people from the Carolinas, New York and Pittsburgh. Despite the fact that these photos displayed people who were poor Hine took them in a way that displayed dignity and compassion which is pretty amazing.

Here is the website to find the photos if you want to see how they look:

Service Story

For my next project I thought it would be cool to do a service story on the drinking and driving. Service announcements are broadcasted everywhere especially on PBS and normally they are pretty boring but I hope the one I chose to do will be interesting to do and fun to read. Many people today die from those who under the influence. It is very dangerous to drink while driving.

I thought it would be pretty cool as a young person to talk to others on their thoughts on drinking and safety. There are many rules for drinking and driving but they are not so serious. So I would like to know what rules should be in place to stop drinking and driving completely.

I really hope this service project goes well and I can get someone thoughts on drinking and driving and also to inform others the safety that comes from driving while sober because drinking can cause death.


Update on Logan Paul

Logan Paul continues to have his face in the media. He waited a week to finally upload again after the video “Suicide: Be Here Tommorrow.” However, did this quick transition back to Youtube teach me him anything or did it just make him more insane?

In the new vlogs that he uploads he starts off them saying “season 2 Logan Paul Vlogs.” Once again he became number one trending on Twitter after he tased two dead rats.

Just like with every pet, they bring you presents such as dead rats in which Logan Paul’s dog, Kong, brought two dead rats to his door and Logan thought it was funny to tase the dead rats as a joke and he didn’t but he didn’t realize that people wouldn’t like that.

Most people when seeing a rat yell “Kill it” but when Logan Paul kills the rats the whole world believes he’s a bad person for it.

The question on everyone’s mind now is did he listen? Some people may have different opinions on Logan however, we can not judge him based on his videos and small mistakes. Everyone makes mistake and should be forgiven. He is a good person that did a bad thing.

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